Nov 5

GCP/COSE Small Business Owners Present Before Cleveland City Council

Most employers recognize the importance and necessity of rules and regulations. Small businesses, however, can especially find specific government processes to be challenging to navigate related to licenses and certificates.  

That is why, for example, at the state level GCP supports legislation that requires the General Assembly to periodically review occupational licensing boards regarding their sunset, and to require the Legislative Service Commission to perform assessments of occupational licensing bills and state regulation of occupations.

It is also why current COSE Board Chair John Young and Former COSE Board Chair Mike Stanek were pleased to share their experiences last week at the local level with Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley and several other City Council members. 

Delays in license or certification renewals or unclear steps to complete these processes can pose a real burden for businesses that do not have a human resources department and are trying to focus on growing their business.  The issue can be even more problematic for businesses – like restaurants – who may require multiple licenses to operate in any given municipality.  

We will continue to advocate for our member businesses who encounter similar issues.  And, GCP looks forward to helping improve processes like these going forward to make our great state and city even more attractive to the business community.