Sep 17

Created in 2011, the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) was designed by the Governor and empowered the people to ask questions: Are Ohio regulations effectively protecting the public? Are they unintentionally strangling Ohio job development? Were the people being regulated asked about their concerns? 
CSI recently released its 2018 Mid-Year Report highlighting its work between January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018, including: 

  • the review of 700 business regulations, with 62% being amended or rescinded;
  • the completed review of 40% of rule packages in 30 days or less.

The report provided a deeper look into the rule review statistics, indicating that of the 700 total rules were reviewed during this timeframe: 

  • 54% were amended;
  • 25% had no change;
  • 13% represented new rules; and 
  • 8% were rescinded.

Further, a total of 115 rule packages were reviewed (35% of these packages were impacted by CSI) and CSI received a total of 364 stakeholder comments.
Since its creation, CSI has focused on promoting innovation and the practical regulation of businesses in Ohio. In addition, two Greater Cleveland Partnership members provide state government direction on the CSI Small Business Advisory Council, a body devised to provide feedback on the impact state rules or regulations may have on the business community. CSI’s mission is to:

  • review business-impacting rules;
  • help businesses navigate regulatory obstacles; and
  • partner with agencies on initiatives that will make Ohio friendly to job creators.

Do you have questions or comments about CSI and how it impacts the growth of your business? Contact our Advocacy Team via email at

You can check out CSI’s 2018 Mid-Year Report here.