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Commission on Economic Inclusion

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, is focused on creating positive, measurable outcomes leading to:
  • Increases in board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity among the more than 120 Northeast Ohio employers who are members of the Commission;

  • Increases in the total revenue, value, size, and number of employees for minority-owned businesses in our region and throughout the State of Ohio. Read more about the Commission’s member benefits and minority business resources.

Our members - Join us!

Click here for the list of the more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers that belong to the Commission on Economic Inclusion. To learn more about Commission membership, please email us  or call 216.592.2213.

Online Diversity Assessment is now available

The Commission on Economic Inclusion has collected data and reported on the status of diversity and inclusion in Northeast Ohio for 16 years using the Employers Survey on Diversity, now known as the Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment.

The results of the D&I Organization Assessment function as a barometer of inclusion in our region and provide employers with a tool and benchmarks for examining their own diversity and inclusion efforts.

The new Assessment was rolled out last week to organizations that have participated in the past. It is also available to all GCP members as a benefit of membership. Learn more.

Message from the Co-chairs:
Create solutions to make inclusion “visible”

Regardless of your political leanings, the divisiveness of the pre-and post-election cycle is impacting the workplace.

It is important that leaders recognize how divisiveness is influencing your company culture, potentially creating an exclusionary, hostile work environment. Exclusionary cultures costs organizations in the form of less job satisfaction, lower sense of well-being, reduced work productivity, and higher turnover.

Diversity Best Practices offers “10 Inclusion and Engagement Acts of a Courageous Leader” to address the post-presidential election elephant in the room.

Leaders need to address uncivil and exclusionary behaviors and make sure there are clear workplace policies to address these behaviors. According to a report released in September by Catalyst, “The Day-to-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion:”

“A lot of time, attention, and resources go into preventing or addressing exclusionary behaviors and practices. While those steps are essential, leaders must also proactively create solutions to make inclusion visible.”

One suggestion from the research is to “interrupt exclusionary behaviors by promoting and engaging in authentic dialogue.” But it can be difficult for some employees, especially in a group dynamic with co-workers with different life experiences, to have candid conversations on difficult topics. The ability to interact in these situations is a skill that many of us lack.

For that reason, please save the date of Friday, February 17 to attend our workshop, “Managing Intercultural Conflict in the Workplace: A Post-Election Toolkit for HR Professionals” co-presented by the Commission on Economic Inclusion in partnership and the Cleveland Society of Human Resource Management. Our featured speaker is Damaris Patterson Price, principal of Working River Leadership Consulting. Click for details.

Now more than ever, leaders need to reaffirm their beliefs, recommit to their company’s values, restate the boundaries of acceptable behavior and double down on their efforts to create true cultures of inclusion within their organizations.

Commission Co-chairs

Paul Clark                           Lonnie Coleman
Regional President               President
PNC Bank, Northern Ohio     Coleman Spohn Corporation

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Our 2015-2016 Annual Report

The Commission's 2015-2016 Annual Report can be viewed or downloaded here. It includes:
  • An overview of our accomplishments over the past 18 months

  • A summary of the results of the 2015 Employers Survey on Diversity™

  • Our newest Hall of Fame Inductees and Best-in-Class winners.

To request a hard copy, please contact Scott Harrington at 216.592.2213 or