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2013: A big year for business development in Northeast Ohio

The Greater Cleveland Partnership's Business Development Team continued its award-winning business retention and expansion activities and ended 2013 with strong results.

The team called on more than 340 businesses in the region this year to help them grow and thrive by connecting them to resources related to workforce, real estate, financing, development, state and local tax credits and incentives.  Companies assisted include Nestle USA, which broke ground on a new Product Technology Center.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Gain a competitive edge, win the talent war

More than 60 executives attended the GCP Middle-Market Talent Forum on Dec. 12, which focused on “Winning the Talent War: Strategies to Attract and Retain the Very Best People.”

Our panelists provided insights and tactics to help mid-market companies gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

Click here for information they shared during their remarks.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

GCP Board approves appointment of new vice chair

The GCP Board approved the appointment of KeyCorp Chairman and CEO Beth Mooney as vice chair at its quarterly meeting held December 4.

She has been chairman and chief executive officer of KeyCorp since May 2011 and a member of KeyCorp’s Board of Directors since 2010. Mooney, who joined Key in April 2006, has over 30 years of experience in retail banking, commercial lending and real estate financing.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Survey of major construction projects gauging need for skilled workers

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, has launched an extensive skilled-workers demand study to gauge labor needs for major construction projects planned in the City of Cleveland with the goal of increasing local and minority participation in those projects.

The study is one of of several recommendations presented to the Commission in a special report issued in 2012 and is a key driver in helping work toward the job-creation goals of the Community Benefits and Inclusion Agreement (CBA) that has been signed by Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson, representatives from key business, civic, labor and trade organizations, and several public- and private-sector project owners. It is being conducted on behalf of the CBA stakeholders.