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Common Core learning standards set high expectations for Ohio's students

Marty McGann, GCP’s senior vice president of advocacy, provides an update on recent legislative activity related to Common Core learning standards in the latest “GCP Insight” video.

In an interview with Steve Luttner, vice president of Lesic and Camper, McGann discusses the importance of correcting misperceptions about Common Core standards, which spell out what students are expected to learn but do not dictate curriculum. Click to watch.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Health care, manufacturing set pace for middle-market growth

Mid-market companies grew revenue over the past year at 6.6 percent, according to the National Center for the Middle Market 2Q2014 Middle Market Indicator. Health care and manufacturing were the strongest industry segments. Read more.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

More action is needed to keep Highway Trust Fund solvent

Nick Gattozzi, GCP’s vice president of advocacy, discusses challenges facing the Highway Trust Fund, the depository for the federal gasoline tax, in this segment of the “GCP Insight” video series.

Gattozzi explains why the fund is facing insolvency, the temporary solution to prevent a shortfall, what needs to happen to keep the fund solvent long-term, and where GCP weighs in on this issue. Click to watch.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

Where are the new jobs? At middle-market companies.

U.S. middle market companies have continued to maintain hiring increases in 2014.

More than 40 percent of middle-market companies added jobs compared to one year ago, according to the National Center for the Middle Market’s 2Q2014 Middle Market Indicator report.