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Wrapping up the year with government advocacy wins

In this week’s “GCP Insight” video, Greater Cleveland Partnership Senior Vice President of Advocacy Marty McGann talks about federal legislation passed last week that included significant wins for Greater Cleveland. Click to watch.

The ”GCP Insight” video series, hosted by Lesic and Camper Vice President Steve Luttner, focuses on topics of interest to the Greater Cleveland business community.

Every Monday --News from GCP

Pushing back against proposed NASA Glenn budget cuts

In this week’s “GCP Insight” interview, Greater Cleveland Partnership Senior Vice President Marty McGann talks about NASA Glenn’s significant economic impact—about $1.2billion annually—on Greater Cleveland and why the organization is pushing back on the proposed $60 million cut in NASA Glenn’s budget.

Click to watch the video.

Every Monday -- News from GCP

CLE air service: renovations and upgrades; passenger traffic on the rise

Once the construction inconvenience at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is over, your travel experience will be greatly improved. CLE’s $68M in renovations are on track for completion by May 2016.

The $24M terminal renovation continues to be on schedule and budget. CLE travelers will also begin to notice new finish upgrades to floors, walls, columns, as well as new signage and LED lighting to support the airport’s plan of reducing its carbon footprint. Meanwhile, year-to-date total passengers were 6,769,603 up 336,416 or 5.23 percent from a year ago. Read more.