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Fixing Ohio's unemployment tax system

How your company can help

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) applauds recent legislative activity aimed at removing the burden of Ohio’s unemployment debt to the federal government from our employers.

However, we continue to seek reforms for employers that will bring long-term balance and stability to the state unemployment compensation fund. Your input is needed so we can properly convey the impact our unemployment system has on your operations.

If you would like to be an active participant in our efforts on this issue, please click here to share your contact information and your stories. You will be contacted in the near future.

GCP-opposes Cleveland-only minimum wage increase

How would your company be impacted?

On May 26, the Greater Cleveland Partnership announced firm opposition to the proposal for a Cleveland-only $15 minimum wage.

While we do not philosophically object to raising the minimum wage, our membership has articulated grave concerns with the comparative size of Cleveland’s increase, the speedy timeline for implementation, and the focus on the city of Cleveland versus the state of Ohio as a whole.

Get involved: The GCP will continue to work with city leaders, civic organizations and other stakeholders to build a coalition to oppose this increase. Click here to learn how you can become an active participant in our efforts on this issue. Read more.