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GCP announces support for Common Core; urges tabling HB 237

Cleveland, Ohio—The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) today announced its support for Common Core and also urged tabling HB 237 because it believes the bill will undo important progress that has been made to improve education.

“Ohio House Bill 237 is a step in the wrong direction,” said Joe Roman, GCP’s president and chief executive officer. “Cleveland was among the first Common Core pilot locations in the nation and we know the impact these meaningful standards can have in our classroom.” 

GCP remains highly involved in efforts to improve the educational experience, specifically in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). In recent years, GCP joined Cleveland Mayor Jackson in crafting and implementing a plan to transform Cleveland schools. This reform was founded on a single premise: we must immediately reform what is not working – and we must bring to scale that which exceeds the standard. It is impossible to make meaningful improvements without a basic set of standards.

GCP will be in attendance at the Ohio House Education Committee hearing on this topic this evening and is encouraging legislators to indefinitely table House Bill 237. 

“Businesses measure what matters,” said Roman. “Schools and districts must do the same, if we are to improve the educational experience for our emerging workforce.”


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