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Ohio chambers urge state legislature to consider additional budget efficiency measures

Columbus, Ohio –– Ohio’s government would become much more efficient under a carefully researched fiscal reform plan that is supported by business leaders from across the state. Representatives of Ohio’s metropolitan chambers of commerce and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce will attend a hearing of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on General Government on Wednesday, May 1 at 10 a.m. to encourage Ohio lawmakers to consider specific recommendations that would substantially reduce government expenses and help to pay for further tax reform.

Cleveland Development Advisors $30M award will spur job-creating projects in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio—Cleveland Development Advisors (CDA), an affiliate of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, has been awarded $30 million in federal tax credits by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. CDA is a real estate and business financing organization that uses private capital and federal tax credits to help fund catalytic projects that promote economic and community development in Cleveland.

Greater Cleveland Partnership urging state leaders to expand Medicaid

Cleveland, Ohio—The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) and business organizations from across Ohio are calling on state leaders to restore the Medicaid expansion language to the budget bill, which, last week was scrapped by the Ohio House. After engaging its members, GCP announced the organization’s support of Medicaid expansion in January. Governor Kasich included Medicaid expansion in his budget proposal in early February.