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GCP applauds passage of transportation budget bill

Cleveland, Ohio—The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) applauds the Ohio Senate and Ohio House passage of the transportation budget bill (House Bill 51). GCP is pleased state leaders agreed that a large portion of Turnpike bond funding should be spent in northern Ohio.

As an early supporter of Governor Kasich’s plan to better leverage the Ohio Turnpike to enhance infrastructure project funding, we recognize that the Turnpike is a state asset. But the vast majority of non-through traffic originates, or reaches its destination in, the northern portion of the state. Funds provided by the Turnpike bonds will help accelerate timelines for critical northern Ohio infrastructure projects. We hope this plan will add to the existing momentum on Opportunity Corridor.

We commend the House and Senate for their work to reach this compromise with special thanks to Senators Tom Patton and Gayle Manning. Northern Ohioans have paid for the Turnpike’s development over the past 60 years, and this is important step toward realizing a return on their investment.

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