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CEO's who take a leadership role for promoting economic inclusion can:

  • Serve as visionaries who champion diversity through corporate strategies
  • Set short-and long-term diversity goals
  • Oversee the development of diversity policies and initiatives and ensure that the organization has a diversity statement/policy and metrics to measure changes in each of the four key focus areas
  • Ensure that senior management and board members are committed to diversity
  • Chair and support diversity councils
  • Review diversity reports and studies
  • Commit to using vendors who are diverse and who support diversity
  • Promote diversity in advertising and marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Further national and regional diversity efforts through visibility at diversity and inclusion-related events and through speeches and other participation.
  • Incorporate status reports on diversity and inclusion efforts into messages to various constituent groups (employees, other corporate executives, suppliers, shareholders, etc.)
  • Increase philanthropic efforts that support diversity
  • Appoint and support Chief Diversity Officers

Commission on Economic Inclusion Best Practices Repository

As a member of the Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, you have committed to strengthening Northeast Ohio's economy by systematically reducing barriers to economic inclusion.

The Greater Cleveland Partnership has committed to assist Commission members in this organizational enhancement and capability building effort by:

(1) Facilitating the establishment of benchmarks for improvements
(2) Assessing the status of diversity and inclusion efforts
(3) Measuring and reporting progress
(4) Helping Commission members identify 'best practices'
(5) Providing resource information to expedite progress.

Chief Executive Officers are the catalyst for promoting economic inclusion at all levels within an organization and with suppliers. CEO's are uniquely positioned to identify and promote the core values of an organization. These values are developed with a clear understanding of customer needs, a commitment to providing high-quality products and services and the organization's commitment to finding, hiring and leveraging the strengths of its employees to meet the needs of diverse customers and clients. Actionable strategies for promoting economic inclusion begin with the CEO's public commitment to diversity and are furthered by demonstrating progress toward achieving specific goals.