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Repository Instructions|Commission on Economic Inclusion Best Practices Repository

How to use the Repository

You may choose to either review the materials in the sequence in which they are listed, or go directly to your primary interest area. Some items, website and consultant information may be listed in multiple sections.  Content will be added and updated on an ongoing basis.

Please contact Commission staff at 216-592-2213 if questions arise or if you want to recommend additional sources for the web pages.

FAQs for Submissions:

Q: Submissions can fit into one or both of two broad categories:
A: Information/resources which will assist managers, executives, leaders and diversity and inclusion leaders to create and maintain impactful strategies for their organizations, particularly related to board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity.  Outcome metrics and research are welcome.

The broad range of diversity and inclusion topics including attracting and retaining disabled employees; strategies to improve benefits with the outcome of attracting or retaining diverse employees, organizational policies or practices which reinforce inclusivity; resources which support bilingual employees or customers;  diversity and inclusion marketing content and customer generation techniques, organizational case studies, success stories, trends in the  diversity and inclusion field in general or within a specific industry.

Q: How are submissions evaluated? 
Staff and volunteer committee will review the submission using criteria including:
  • What is the source document or organization?  Examples: recognized diversity and inclusion authority, academic or professional organization, award-winning Corporation, etc.
  • Who is the author?  Recognized scholar, chief diversity officer at award-winning Corporation, etc.
  • Is the citation complete?  (to allow for authentication)
  • Is the topic clearly related to one or more of the content categories of the repository?