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About the Greater Cleveland Partnership

With more than 12,000 members, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) is the largest metropolitan chamber of commerce in the nation. We're focused on driving the economic vitality of our region through building a strong and thriving climate for the broad business community, including small businesses, middle-market companies and large corporations.

GCP is the unifying voice of the region’s business community and our organizational core includes our small-business division, COSE (the Council of Smaller Enterprises); Advocacy, supporting the needs and priorities of the region on behalf of our members to local, state and federal decision makers; Talent, working with its partners in the public and private sectors to ensure that Northeast Ohio creates, attracts and retains a 21st century workforce; GCP Equity & Inclusion (formerly the Commission on Economic Inclusion), a GCP program whose focus includes creating positive, measurable outcomes in board, senior management, workforce and supplier diversity within the Northeast Ohio employer community; Business Growth Services; Real Estate, which leverages and existing assets and create new catalytic projects that stimulate further economic development through its real estate affiliate Cleveland Development Advisors; and GCP Tech, an advocate and support resource for the technology industry.

Our History

The Greater Cleveland Partnership was created in March 2004 by the consolidation of Cleveland Tomorrow, the Greater Cleveland Growth Association, the Greater Cleveland Roundtable and their primary affiliates— the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition (NorTech), COSE and the Commission on Economic Inclusion.

Through this merger, the private sector is able to better allocate two of its most precious resources—dollars and committed leadership—toward creating a more vibrant economy in Northeast Ohio—as well as speak with one voice on behalf of job-and wealth-creation priorities locally, in Columbus and in Washington, D.C.

Our Mission

To mobilize private-sector leadership, expertise and resources to create attractive business conditions that create jobs, grow investment and improve the economic prosperity of the region.

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Our Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

Now is the time to act. Racism is a public health crisis and rectifying a system of structural racism will take much more than words.

"Systemic racism is everyone’s problem. In Cleveland’s continuing fight for racial equity and inclusion, we have a singular history and have played a progressive role on a national stage. Prominent African American leaders throughout Cleveland’s history and today, have been instrumental in pushing us into the forefront. What we have learned over time is that this is not a fight of one race but rather a fight of one community – our Cleveland community. Standing united, we are today voicing our strong support of recent legislation passed by Cleveland City Council to declare Racism a Public Health Crisis. Still, this is not enough."

— excerpt from The Cleveland Pledge, adopted June 4, 2020 (download it here)

As part of GCP's ongoing commitment to Equity & Inclusion, we will:

— Continuously examine and take action towards a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace by using the Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment each year as a means of continually enhancing our culture and performance.  

— Advance recommendations finalized with an external consultant commissioned in 2019 to enhance in-house GCP practices directly related to the D&I Assessment (e.g. revising DEI statement, communicating plan for staff and external stakeholders, supporting the organizational creation and use of equity primes, crafting a plan for  analyzing turnover by staff, etc.).

— Advocate actively with public and private partners for anti-racist policies, funding, research and programs in Northeast Ohio

— Utilize our Real Estate division to focus investments in Cleveland neighborhoods by connecting with members to develop new sources of capital and provide a pathway for emerging developers of color.

— Advocate, collaborate and engage on talent and workforce initiatives with a goal for closing the economic income, employment and wealth gaps through Workforce Connect and other regional initiatives.

— Engage the Large, Middle Market and Small Business communities to increase economic activity and purchasing to grow businesses owned by people of color.

— Lobby for federal and state resources to address broadband and computer affordability and accessibility, also referenced as the “digital divide,” that is disproportionately impacting communities of color.

— Link businesses owned by people of color to the most appropriate economic and business development resources and advisory services via The Inclusion Marketplace, GCP’s INGEAR, and The Business Growth Compass.

— Engage the region’s minority population to develop strategies that define and advance support for a more efficient tax structure.

Join us in signing The Cleveland Pledge and commit to action items that work to dismantle structural racism. 

Need assistance with your Equity & Inclusion strategy? Contact us at equity@gcpartnership.com