There are multiple buzz words floating around right now in regard to workplace sanitization and indoor air quality, including increased janitorial, fogging, filtration, UV-C, photohydroionization, bi-polar ionization, needlepoint, increased outside air, and others. 


The goal is to find the right approach for each facility’s budget and objectives. During this webinar, our team will: explore the pros and cons of each option, explain the only proven way to disinfect air streams, debunk common misconceptions about indoor air quality, present various funding options that are available for upgrades and replacements, and discuss potential energy and operating cost savings.


Join us for this free, one-hour webinar and learn what you need to know! 


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Air Force One is a commercial HVAC contractor with more than 35 years’ experience. Our team has the capabilities and technical knowledge required to provide these services at your facility immediately. Air Force One is committed to keeping your indoor environment safe and minimizing the potential impact of harmful pathogens on your business.