Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Greater Cleveland Partnership Political Action Committee (GCP PAC)? 

A: The GCP PAC supports candidates for state and local office to enhance our region's business climate and support the business community’s agenda for economic growth. 

Q: Why does GCP need a PAC? 

A: A Political Action Committee, or PAC, provides an opportunity to organize the efforts of like-minded individuals toward the common goals of the entire group. Individually, you may choose to support candidates through your contributions and your vote. While that is helpful, individual perspectives may not be heard. 

The GCP PAC serves as a collective voice for the business community, and politically, is stronger than the sum of its parts. Our strength in numbers allows us to better achieve our legislative and regulatory goals. 

Q: How does the PAC make its spending decisions? 

A: The activities and contributions of this non-partisan, member-driven PAC are directed by a Steering Committee comprised of different business sizes (small, mid-market, large) that represent a cross section of our entire membership as well as industry types and locations.

Q: Who can contribute to the PAC? 

A: Individuals, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and sole proprietorships can legally make contributions to a PAC. Contributions must include itemized allocations by partners in partnerships or members of a LLC. Ohio law prohibits other corporate political contributions.

For more information on the GCP PAC and how you can get involved in GCP advocacy efforts, please email