Commission on Economic InclusionWe use a multi-step process to choose those organizations that are recognized for achievement in Board Diversity, Senior Management Diversity, Workforce Diversity, and Supplier Diversity.

Currently, the quantitative results are analyzed from data gathered by the Commission's annual Employers Survey on Diversity, which has been updated and reintroduced as the Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment.

  1. Average scores are calculated based on survey responses for each of the following:
    • minorities as members of boards (aggregate, for profit, nonprofit)
    • minorities as members of senior management (aggregate, for profit, nonprofit)
    • minorities as members of workforce (aggregate, for profit, nonprofit) and by job category
    • retention rates for minorities
  2. Organizations that exceed the overall averages and industry sector averages for board, senior management and/or workforce diversity are identified.
  3. For supplier diversity, the complete list of spend data provided on the survey is used for comparison (total purchasing budget, total diversity spend, Northeast Ohio purchasing budget and the Northeast Ohio diversity spend where provided). The surveys of those with the largest spend amounts are reviewed for evidence of policies and practices attributing to the spend.
  4. In each of the four categories, the results of this review of policies and practices and of the organizations' relative quantitative scores are evaluated. A preliminary rank order for each of the four categories is created. The staff discusses the relative depth of the reported policies in comparison to survey responses and to best practices in that category.
  5. Employers are identified for further research. In each of the past two years, this group has averaged from three to six "strong contenders" in each of the four categories.
  6. Each identified employer's diversity professional or supplier diversity manager is contacted and asked to complete a standardized supplementary questionnaire.
  7. The Commission staff reviews the responses and conducts either an in-person or phone interview to discuss the responses.
  8. Results of the questionnaires and interviews are analyzed by Commission staff.
  9. Based on a review of the quantitative and policy/practice information collected, the Commission staff rank orders the finalists in each category.
  10. Summaries of the information collected and Commission staff recommendations are documented and presented to the Marketing and Member Engagement Committee for the final decision.