The Greater Cleveland Partnership is committed to working with its partners in the public and private sectors to ensure that Northeast Ohio creates, attracts and retains a 21st century workforce. A renewed and reinvigorated public-private partnership is helping to support the development of educational systems to prepare our students for in-demand jobs in our region.

Pathway Partners

The Greater Cleveland Partnership developed Pathway Partners as an initiative focusing on college and career readiness for Cleveland students.

Pathway Partners initiatives connect the business community with education providers and students in developing Cleveland’s future workforce.

This college and workforce readiness effort is a foundational link in our local talent pipeline and a centerpiece in GCP's workforce development agenda. It connects the goals of True2U, the Academies of Cleveland and GCP Internship Central and continues and deepens the GCP’s support of The Cleveland Plan.

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Primary and Secondary Education

The GCP’s current priority in primary and secondary education is our work to support Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's "Cleveland Plan," which calls for dramatic changes in how the Cleveland Metropolitan School District operates.

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Cleveland Transformation Alliance

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is a public-private partnership dedicated to growing a portfolio of quality district and charter schools.  The Alliance works to ensure every child in Cleveland attends a quality school, and every neighborhood has great schools from which families can choose.

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PRE4CLE is part of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools (the Cleveland Plan), a plan to reinvent public education in the City of Cleveland. The Plan works to ensure high-quality preschool as the first step on the education continuum for transforming Cleveland’s schools, providing a strong foundation for K-12 success, increased high school graduation, and increased higher education participation. Through connecting families with high-quality, affordable preschool education opportunities, PRE4CLE provides a gateway for Cleveland’s children to start strong and Cleveland communities to prosper.

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Higher Education

The Cleveland Plus region is home to a variety of higher education institutions. This includes large, research-based universities, mid-sized schools with graduate programs, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and programs focused on specific academic disciplines or professional fields.

There’s also a variety of recreational activities year-round for students looking to take a break from their studies. Please visit to find out what’s going on in Northeast Ohio.

Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education

Member institutions of the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) play an essential role in the strength of the region’s economy.


Collectively, these institutions enroll 185,000 degree-seeking students from across the United States and the world, grant more than 26,000 degrees annually, and employ more than 27,000 faculty, administrators and staff.

Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland

In 2010, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson asked civic leaders, educators and college and university presidents what our community could do to increase the number of Cleveland youth attending and graduating from college.

His aim was to align efforts of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, student support organizations, colleges and universities, and others to increase the number of college graduates in Cleveland. The result was the formation of the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland.

The goal of the Compact is to significantly increase the number of Cleveland students who are prepared for, have access to and complete college. As a Support Partner of the Compact, the Greater Cleveland Partnership has made a commitment to align organizational goals, efforts and resources toward increasing college graduation rates of CMSD students.

Workforce Resources

We work with our partners in the public and private sectors to help align workforce training and talent recruitment with an immediate focus on in-demand industries such as information technology/computer science, health care, and advanced manufacturing.

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The Talent Imperative

  • Build the Office of Workforce Engagement to broker the involvement of the business community in developing and leveraging workforce services available to member companies
  • Drive an aggressive focus on skills-based workforce initiatives and the required jobs of tomorrow through sector partnerships, along with a heavy emphasis on internship and apprenticeship initiatives covering the school to adult training continuum
  • Prioritize diversity and inclusion efforts to connect opportunities to minority and female populations where gaps exist
  • Articulate and advance a policy agenda in support of the talent needs for employers