The Greater Cleveland Partnership is committed to working with its partners in the public and private sectors to ensure that Northeast Ohio creates, attracts and retains a 21st century workforce. A renewed and reinvigorated public-private partnership is helping to support the development of educational systems to prepare our students for in-demand jobs in our region.


The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s K-12 education work supports the continued implementation of The Cleveland Plan, the city’s blueprint to ensure every child in Cleveland attends a quality school, and every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.  GCP, representing the business community as a Cleveland Plan stakeholder, continues to contribute to the development of college and career readiness for Cleveland students.  Two signature initiatives connect the business community with education providers and students to develop Cleveland’s future workforce.


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True2U:  Recognizing that career readiness starts early, an innovative program—True2U—a collaboration among the Cleveland Foundation’s youth development program, MyCom, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute, provides eighth-graders with support to explore their purpose, identify their strengths and set personal goals for success.  This exploration and mentoring program links community capital to students and schools. Its objective is to begin raising career awareness for CMSD students on the cusp of entering high school.  Mentors are trained on a structured curriculum and work in teams with small groups of students supported by a CMSD key teacher once a month during the school year.



GCP Internship Central is a resource center that provides employers, educators and students valuable information, best practices, and ideas about how to design, implement and execute impactful programs. Internships, co-ops, and other experiential learning opportunities are essential to ensuring that Northeast Ohio attracts and retains a skilled 21st-century workforce. Our strength and competitiveness as a region rely on our ability to ensure companies have the workforce they need, both for today and for the future. GCP Internship Central will provide access to important information and tools that will help with growing and keeping talent here in Northeast Ohio. GCP Talent’s signature event, the Cleveland Internship Summit, along with our Internship Roundtable and webinars, provide an additional platform for employers and educators to connect.



 A Sector Partnership is defined as a collaboration of regional employers from a particular industry who convene regularly with workforce providers to focus on strategies for responding to their common workforce issues and needs. By convening employers and collaborating with our regions vast wealth of workforce serving nonprofits, education providers and public stakeholders, GCP is working to build sector-based strategies that meet the needs of our regions employers while ensuring that jobseekers are connected to training and career pathways that build sustainable wealth.


We work with our partners in the public and private sectors to help align workforce training and talent recruitment with an immediate focus on in-demand industries such as information technology/computer science, health care, and advanced manufacturing.

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  • Build the Office of Workforce Engagement to broker the involvement of the business community in developing and leveraging workforce services available to member companies
  • Drive an aggressive focus on skills-based workforce initiatives and the required jobs of tomorrow through sector partnerships, along with a heavy emphasis on internship and apprenticeship initiatives covering the school to adult training continuum
  • Prioritize diversity and inclusion efforts to connect opportunities to minority and female populations where gaps exist
  • Articulate and advance a policy agenda in support of the talent needs for employers