The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s current priority in primary and secondary education is our work to support Mayor Frank Jackson's "Cleveland Plan," which calls for dramatic changes in how the Cleveland Metropolitan School District operates.

The plan's key strategies are:

  • Grow the number of high-performing district and charter schools in Cleveland and close and replace failing schools.
  • Focus the district’s central office on key support and governance roles and transfer authority and resources to the schools.
  • Invest and phase in high-leverage system reforms across all schools from preschool to college and career.
  • Create the Cleveland Transformation Alliance, a public-private partnership, to ensure accountability for all public schools in the city.

What’s in The Cleveland Plan?

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson‘s updated and expanded school transformation plan is an urgent call for reinventing the city’s public school system. It pushes for dramatic changes in how the CMSD operates, saying that “Cleveland schools must break the one-size-fits-all premise of today’s education system.”

The plan builds on progress made in the past five years. The number of high-performing district and charter schools has grown from 14 in 2006 to 37 in 2011, enrolling more than 11,400 students. It is based on an emerging national model, known as the portfolio strategy, which is showing promising results in cities such as Baltimore, Denver, Hartford, New York and others.

  • Click here for "10 Facts about the New Cleveland Education Plan."
  • Click here to read or download the Plan's Executive Summary.
  • Click here to read CMSD’s updated Strategic Implementation Plan outlining how and when the goals of the Cleveland Plan will be achieved. You can read the Executive Summary here.

Help For Families Seeking Quality Schools

CTAA website has been launched with a comprehensive, interactive and searchable “report card” on every public school in the city. The report card is now available in conjunction with the Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s citywide outreach campaign to encourage families to become active, empowered and engaged “school choosers”.

The site is searchable and includes an online community section “Rate Your School,” which invites comments on individual schools provided participants have a relationship to that school as a family member, student (over 13), educator, or a community member directly involved in the school. It also includes often hard-to-find information on some of the city’s charter schools.

Click here to visit the website.

Role of the Greater Cleveland Partnership

We played a significant role in helping to shape The Cleveland Plan. In 2011, as we reviewed our organizational strategic priorities, the GCP’s Education Strategic Planning Working Group confirmed that strengthening public education in Cleveland remains a priority for the organization.

Our advocacy team worked with the Governor and leadership in the House and Senate to secure passage of the legislation that will help ensure the plan’s successful implementation and sustainability. We also mobilized business community support by communicating the importance of passing the 15-mill Cleveland school levy, which was approved by voters in November 2012.

And, we are part of the Transformation Alliance, which is charged with reporting on the Plan's progress and communicating that information to families and other stakeholders.