Our team of energy advisors consult on natural gas and electric procurement, risk management, infrastructure development, sustainability programs, regulatory services, financial solutions, and a full slate of rebates and incentives. We are focused on helping you achieve your energy goals to increase efficiencies, enhance sustainability and decrease and manage costs.

Manage Electric and Natural Gas Rates

Optimize your procurement strategy 

In partnership with Kinect Energy Group, GCP is pleased to offer its members more options than anywhere else and a no-cost consultative review of your natural gas and/or electric bill(s) and end-to-end purchase optimization.

Enrollment Information: 

Kinect Energy Group and is the managing consultant of the GCP Natural Gas and Electric Choice Programs. They allow you to secure your energy supply with effective sourcing strategies.

The first step in the enrollment process is to complete the Letter of Authorization and have your utility bills ready. We will analyze and audit your utility, supplier, and pipeline invoices. 

Questions? Contact us at 216-592-2205 or gcpcose@kinectenergy.com. 

Why Energy Matters for Your Business:

If you value budget certainty and are averse to market risk, you are currently seeing an ideal hedging opportunity for electric and natural gas. The US natural gas market is in backwardation, which simply means contracts in 2019 are priced below contracts in 2018. So, if you are questioning why we are recommending 36+ month long electric contracts, it’s because market conditions and budget certainty, are of importance to businesses like you.  We recognize that a longer-term product may not be right for all members goals, objectives and needs and we will explore alternative options with our pool of suppliers and consulting team at Kinect Energy. Don’t lose out on this rare opportunity. We are always closely monitoring the state of affairs, to ensure rate stability and a broad array of energy choices for our members. One call handles both natural gas and electric, so let us be your trusted energy advisors.

Energy policy is closely connected to such important metrics as employment and profit growth, household income as well as overall economic growth. So, knowing what to expect in energy for the rest of 2019 is a top-of-mind issue for a lot of business leaders. Watch the quick video below to learn more or read our blog HERE.

Energy Economics

How GCP’s Program is Impacting Local Business:

“As a GCP member, we’ve benefitted from Kinect Energy’s deep industry knowledge and energy management strategy. Their team reviewed our historical energy usage, negotiated with electrical and natural gas suppliers, performed a market analysis and made recommendations that saved us thousands of dollars on annual basis. We are confident in Kinect Energy’s ability to advise members like us on the best opportunities and contract terms.” - Don Green, Director—Facilities, Medical Mutual. 

About Kinect Energy Group

Kinect EnergyKinect Energy Group was established in 2016 but the roots of the company have been around for decades. The company represents the collective talents of Bergen Energi, Nordisk Energipartner, U.S. Energy Services, UX Energy, Beach Front Energy, Public Utilities Board (Australia), Orchard Energy (UK) and KTM, Inc. Each company brought regional expertise and unique insights to make Kinect Energy Group who it is today: a leading global energy management company. For more information, visit www.kinectenergy.com.


Questions? Contact us at 216-592-2205 or gcpcose@KINECTENERGY.com.

Building Energy Audit  

First Energy


Receive an energy assessment of your building from the GCP Energy Team. They will help you learn how your building uses power and identify areas of your building that can be improved, which could save you an average of 20-30% on your operating costs.

Questions about energy consumption? Contact us at 216-592-2205 or energy@gcpartnership.com

Energy consumption is one of the largest expense categories for many businesses.

GCP has teamed with FirstEnergy’s Ohio Utilities to provide member businesses with an exclusive energy savings opportunity. The first step is a comprehensive assessment of how your facility uses power; gas, electric, even steam.

The cost of this energy assessment is paid for by FirstEnergy, so there's no out of pocket expense.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a FirstEnergy customer, a COSE or GCP member with a minimum of 10,000 square feet

"We engaged the GCP Energy Team to audit our two facilities in Hiram and Newbury. Following the audit, we identified opportunities to improve several aspects of our buildings, including lighting, HVAC and controls in both locations. The support we received from the GCP, from coming out to our facilities, preparing the Energy Assessment Report, developing recommendations and an action plan, including estimated project paybacks, and recommending GCP-approved contractors for the work, saved our team a lot of time and money. The GCP Energy Audit was a great opportunity to learn more about our energy usage and opportunities for energy reduction." - Lisa Lufkin, Saint-Gobain Crystals

Schedule Your Audit: 

  1. Determine eligibility by emailing energy@gcpartnership.com or call 216-592-2205.
  2. Share your recent natural gas and electric bill. GCP’s auditors will use your bills to better understand how your building is using energy. 
  3. Conduct the on-site assessment. GCP’s auditor and engineer will do an on-site assessment to identify how your building currently uses power. This will include an analysis of the HVAC system, building envelope, water heating and distribution, lighting, plug loads and building controls. 
  4. Review the results. GCP will schedule a meeting to review the findings and suggest priorities from your assessment. Often, improvements can be made at no cost or with a modest capital investment. 

After reviewing results, GCP’s energy team will help you prioritize the recommendations, coordinate contractor quotes for complete installation as needed, identify ways to maximize ROI and cash flow (i.e. rebates, financing, text credits, green leasing), and facilitate any project(s) installation and long-term preventative maintenance.

Energy Contractors, Suppliers and Distributors Network

To better serve our members and provide superior service and product, we encourage using local expertise to complete energy efficiency projects. To learn more click here.

"In November of 2017, we hired Pearlwind to change out our indoor tennis court lighting to LED lights for 10 courts. They did the job in December with a very minimal amount of down time. The job was completed in less than a week’s time and we are very pleased with the finished project. 

Our electric bill for our court lights thus far is about a 40% savings and the lights will have paid for themselves in 4-5 years. Pearlwind was also instrumental in getting rebates to us from FirstEnergy within 60 days and helped us secure financing at a very low interest rate through COSE and KeyBank. 

I highly recommend Pearlwind for any lighting projects you may be considering. I found them to be honorable and knowledgeable in all their business dealings with us."
- Robin Palumbo, Owner, Western Reserve Racquet & Fitness Club

Green Leasing 

Green leases have the potential to reduce energy consumption in an office building by 11-22% and reduce utility bills by up to $0.51 per sq. ft. Learn how switching to a green lease has helped these businesses.

A well-known barrier to energy efficiency in buildings is the “split incentive” problem: If the tenants pay the energy bills, the landlord has little incentive to invest in efficient equipment, but at the same time, the tenant does not own the energy-using lighting, heating, cooling and ventilations systems of the building, and therefore has no incentive (or ability) to invest in efficiency upgrades. The result is that neither party takes the initiative to perform energy-saving improvements. In commercial rental properties this “split incentive” problem and general lack of tenant engagement strategies frequently limits the uptake of energy efficiency solutions.

For many buildings, landlords and tenants must collaborate for an energy assessment of the building to lead to energy efficiency improvements. This can be accomplished through green leases. Traditional leases designate responsibility for landlord and tenant, but rarely do they account for energy efficiency. When inserted into existing lease forms, green leasing terms realign incentives, facilitate information sharing and encourage landlord and tenant to work together on the efficient use of energy and other resources.

Read the resource guide Making Efficiency Work for You that includes build-out recommendations, sample lease language, and more.

Learn how switching to a green lease can bring landlords and tenants together on energy efficiency. 

Energy Efficiency Financing

Gain access to unique financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects exclusively for GCP Members. 

Interest Rate Reduction Program

GCP works directly with KeyBank to provide flexible financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The key to this relationship is the creation of an interest rate reduction program for qualifying energy efficiency projects for members projects.  Loans are structured so that the reduction in your utility bills covers the loan repayment, spreading out the cost of the equipment without negatively impacting cash flow.

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy was able to identify opportunities to save money and become more efficient in its newly acquired building with the help of GCP and COSE and Key Equipment Finance Clean Energy (part of KeyBank’s energy financing division). Read HERE for a firsthand account of how Key and GCP/COSE helped this local, family-owned company.

To qualify for a rate reduction:

  • You must be a FirstEnergy Customer
  • You must be a member of COSE or the Greater Cleveland Partnership

Minimum Loan Size: $15,000
Interest Rate: Based on qualifying under the Rate Reduction Schedule and as negotiated with KeyBank and GCP
Loan Term: Standard finance terms are 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 months
Rate Reduction Schedule: Minimum 1% rate reduction from projects that yield 15% energy savings.
Additional energy savings qualify for the following:
a. 15-20% – 1.0% reduction applied to loan (total of 2.0%)
b. 21-30% – 1.5% reduction applied to loan (total of 2.5%)
c. 31-50% – 2.0% reduction applied to loan (total of 3.0%)

  • Implement more than one energy conservation measure and be eligible to receive an additional .50% rate reduction; 
  • If using a GCP Energy Network Contractor, eligible to receive an additional .50% rate reduction; 
  • Assess current lease for inclusion of green lease provisions to receive an additional .25% rate reduction.  

*Maximum rate reduction is 4.25%; final interest rate will not be lower than 2%, terms subject to change 

Interested? Too many things in life and business are complicated, so let’s make it easy. Here’s how to apply:

1. Click HERE to go to the application
2. Complete the Rate Reduction application to tell us about your project and click “submit”
3. GCP will provide referral to KeyBank for loan application. 
4. Obtain loan approval and rate reduction in 2-3 business days from KeyBank
5. Get started on the project and save on energy costs. Pay back the loan with your energy savings earned each month. 

C-PACE Financing

GCP has partnered with Greenworks Lending to enable property owners to access financing to undertake qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements on their buildings and repay the investment through a charge (“assessment”) on their property tax bill. Click HERE to watch the video and learn how PACE financing can help you pay for your energy efficiency project. 

Click HERE to see how MAN Holdings was able to secure financing that will help reduce energy consumption by 42%.

Rebates for Energy Saving Projects

Discuss your energy efficiency project with the GCP Energy Team to maximize your rebate values. 

COSE was named an administrator for FirstEnergy in 2009 and PJM in 2015, and these rebate services are available at no cost to the user. This program applies to businesses, nonprofits and municipalities.

For New Projects

We will help you apply for cash rebates and incentives for lighting, HVAC, and specialty equipment that will improve the ROI of your energy project. Don't miss out on getting paid for making energy efficient upgrades and reducing utility expenses. Click HERE for a real-world example of exactly how much money one Northeast Ohio manufacturing company saved following its energy project. 

For Completed Projects 

PJM offers cash incentives to all nonresidential customers who install(ed) energy efficient equipment that permanently reduces the use of electricity during peak times. The project may qualify for up to four years of payments after the installation. The money will be paid in a lump sum or quarterly depending on the size of the project. 

FirstEnergy, large user customers may qualify for a cash rebate for energy efficiency projects completed within the last three years.