Jun 29

The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC)—a collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region—recently expressed its opposition to an Executive Order to suspend the entry of thousands of immigrants on a number of visas, including H-1B visas for highly skilled workers, H-2B guest-worker visas, J trainee visas and L intracompany transferee visas.

The coalition has long advocated for attracting and retaining talent in the Great Lakes region, stating, “the move to bar foreign citizens from coming to the U.S. on various work visas through the end of 2020 is detrimental to our region’s economic recovery. In the Great Lakes region, immigrants do not have a negative impact on the economy, rather, they provide one of the most promising solutions to economic revitalization.”

Research done in partnership with the New American Economy shows that immigrants in the region have strengthened industries like manufacturing and healthcare, offsetting decades of population decline, reinvigorating local economies with new businesses and jobs, increasing the tax base and reviving consumer spending that drives local growth. The GLMCC supports additional expansion, rather than contraction, of high-skilled immigration programs, because the group recognizes they are a critical source of population growth, job creation and innovation for the Great Lakes economy.

GCP serves as a leading member of the GLMCC. You can learn more about the priorities of the coalition here.