Tech Week

Virtually every business runs on technology of some fashion or another, whether it’s a mid-market manufacturer, a local restaurant, a global distributor or some other kind of business. And while those so-called users of technology have their challenges, they’re very different for a true technology company. Those companies deal with rapidly changing technology, pressure to be innovating at all times, recruiting highly-skilled talent and more. This event, hosted by the Akron-Canton Chapter of CompTIA/AITP, features guest speaker Tom Barrett, CEO of 7Signal, a growing software company in a unique niche here in the region. Tom will share the 7Signal launch and growth story and offer his insights into tech in our region, how their company innovates, what they look for in new talent, success traits and so forth.

This event is part of GCP Tech Week, a series of virtual events taking place August 24-28, 2020. For more information, visit