This session will give an overview of the Equity & Inclusion Organization Assessment, and participants will observe a live demo detailing how to fill out the Assessment tool. This session is geared toward new participants or those who would like a re-introduction to the tool.


Why Participate in the Assessment?


The results of the Equity & Inclusion Assessment function as a barometer of inclusion in Northeast Ohio region and provides employers with a tool and benchmarks for examining their own diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.


Consider these reasons why your participation is valuable:


·         Organizations receive a report with the aggregate results, which includes benchmark data

·         Organizations receive a confidential individual score card, along with suggested resources, useful for your organization’s internal diversity and inclusion strategic planning.

·         Organizations have the opportunity to engage with the E&I team for "office hours" to focus on your topic of choice

·         Organizations have opportunities for recognition of their diversity and inclusion initiatives through GCP's Best in Class Awards