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In “City Economic Equity Rankings – Analysis of 21 U.S. Cities,” Cleveland ranked 19 out of 21 with an equity score of 147, where 210 is high. In this ranking, a lower score is desired. But… what does this score and other rankings mean? What can we do to change the data for Cleveland? Dr. Henry Clay McKoy, Jr., Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Visiting Municipal Innovation Fellow – Ash Center, in conversation with GCP Equity and Inclusion Executive Director, Brian E. Hall, will dig into the report to provide you with a clearer understanding of his and his co-authors’ findings so you can build your strategy to create a more equitable and inclusive Cleveland.


From the report:

“Inclusive economic development is an area of high priority for many cities. This focus is driven by numerous factors. As demographic shifts in the population transform America into a browner and older country, its cities are faced with both the promises and the challenges associated with those shifts. A key focus of inclusive economic development has been entrepreneurial development among historically underutilized populations, such as blacks, Hispanics, and women. Surface level data on US business ownership reported by the US Census Bureau suggests that as racial minorities increase their share of the overall population, that they are also increasing their share of business ownership. This would appear to be a positive trend. However, upon closer analysis, several important patterns counter what seem to be these positive trends.”


Featured Speakers: 

 mckoy jr

 Dr. Henry Clay McKoy, Jr.
 Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
 Visiting Municipal Innovation Fellow – Ash Center



Attendees are encouraged to read these reports prior to this Webinar:

City Economic Equity Rankings – Analysis of 21 U.S. Cities
Cleveland, Ohio Community Economic Ecosystem Equity Snapshot