As Ohio returns to work, businesses are grappling with social distancing and sanitization and keeping workers safe and healthy. What does that mean for workplaces, both in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and in the future? How do you rethink workplace strategy?




 - Debbie Donley, Owner & Principal, Vocon
 - Megan Spinos, Strategy Director, Vocon


Founded in 1987, Vocon has operated with a single core belief: that great design starts with relationships built on trust and collaboration. Today, this award-winning firm has over 200 employees across 3 locations in North America. Ranked 41st in Interior Design Magazine’s Top 200 Industry Giants, Vocon is widely recognized as experts in workplace strategy, with projects for Oatey, Forest City Realty Trust, Dealer Tire, Jones Day, Goodyear to name a few. 

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