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GCP is pleased to partner with the telecommunications experts at connecTel to offer its members a full complement of communications services. connecTel helps members to consolidate and streamline their communications services, creating greater efficiency and more time to focus on what matters most—their business. 

connecTel provides extensive services, including:

  • Voice - local dial tone, long distance, international, toll-free, and sundry usage plans
  • Hosted and Cloud Services - services made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers
  • Internet - dial up, broadband, and dedicated wireless connectivity provided over copper, fiber, coaxial cable, or wireless transport
  • Data Services – all WAN types delivered over copper, fiber, coaxial cable, or wireless transport
  • Consulting and Auditing – complete bill auditing, RFP development, and contingency/shared savings pursuit of credits
  • Mobility Management Services – device and carrier account administration, help desk support, best practice definition, and security requirements
  • Mobile Device Management – product choice, cost savings, deployment options, and security requirements



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