Apr 26

Learn How This Manufacturing Firm Increased Website Leads by 900% in 7 Months: A SyncShow Story


By Shawn Turner


Joslyn Manufacturing Co. Inc.’s loyal customers knew the company to be an innovative provider of high-quality, custom thermoformed solutions since its founding in 1946.


Problem was, hardly anyone outside of the company’s loyal customer base knew it, too. The manufacturing company’s leadership team had placed little emphasis on marketing and digital marketing in particular was little more than an afterthought. And it showed.


The company’s decade-old website provided visitors with a poor user experience and company management with nothing in the way of data or analytics tracking. As might be expected, the site generated practically nothing in terms of traffic, let alone quality leads.


Does this sound familiar? If you’re like most companies, it probably does. Generating traffic and leads was far and away the No. 1 marketing challenge stated by companies in a recent HubSpot poll and listed by nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents.


Change is needed

The staff at Joslyn recognized that in today’s world, a website not bringing in qualified leads is a significant liability. Joslyn was in search of an expert to guide them through the process, and found one.  In conjunction with inbound marketing solutions provider SyncShow, the Joslyn team identified four digital marketing areas the company wanted to improve:


create a search engine-optimized site for lead generation, including from other verticals that Joslyn might not have interacted with previously;

improve the way marketing metrics were being tracked and analyzed;

generate high-quality leads in an effort to diversify the company’s sales pipeline; and

refine Joslyn’s value proposition and clearly and consistently communicate it online.


But with largely no digital footprint to speak of, Joslyn and SyncShow were going to have to build a web presence from the ground up. But how?


The solution

Given the work that needed to be done, the SyncShow team opted to take a step back and deconstruct Joslyn’s marketing and sales environment. On Day One, that involved introducing Joslyn to the SaleSync process that helps recalibrate and realign a company’s marketing during a full-day strategy session.


“The SaleSync meeting was something we were a bit nervous about going into, but it really was very organized from start to finish,” Joslyn COO Bret Joslyn says. “It was not, ‘Yeah, we can look at this. Yeah, we can think about this.’ There was a plan set in place from the very beginning.”


The following day featured a separate strategy session that kicked off WebSync, which ensures the new site accurately communicates what the company does and what it represents. WebSync also optimizes sites to capture qualified leads that companies need to close more sales.


While Joslyn’s end goal was to acquire better leads, these sessions enabled the company to take action on its entire digital ecosystem, which helped contribute to the betterment of its marketing practices as a whole, including lead generation. These sessions also served to professionalize Joslyn’s marketing strategy and allow the company to better amplify its authentic self and present themselves as they are to their customers.


The results

Joslyn benefitted in several ways as a result of going through the SaleSync and WebSync strategy sessions. Delivered to Joslyn were:


detailed profiles of the company’s top three buyers, including their pain points, goals, objectives and where they can be found online;

a better-defined brand voice and marketing messages written to appeal to each of Joslyn’s ideal buyers;

a refined value proposition that centers around Joslyn’s one-of-a-kind approach to plastic thermoforming;

fully mapped-out buyer’s journeys for each ideal buyer that illustrate how relevant content will turn website visitors into qualified leads who are ready for Joslyn’s sales team;

a detailed inbound marketing plan that explains how content offers, email marketing, social media and marketing automation will work together to reach Joslyn’s goals;

a mobile- and desktop-optimized website that is completely integrated with HubSpot inbound marketing and sales software and promotes an optimal user experience that accurately portrays the Joslyn brand; and

website messaging that not only communicates why Joslyn is uniquely equipped to address the common pain points and challenges of ideal customers, but helps the website’s pages rank in search engines when prospects conduct research.


It didn’t take long for the company to begin seeing meaningful results from the work that was done, Bret Joslyn says.


“I think the biggest thing for us is the traffic we are starting to see via the web,” he says. “Within a five-day period, we saw a tremendous amount of interest (in an article SyncShow helped us write) to the point where we had over two dozen leads as a result of what we had published with the help of SyncShow.”


Indeed, the team approach employed by SyncShow—which included the use of senior account specialists; account managers; website project team managers; graphic designers; SEO specialists; content strategists; and developers—began delivering results quickly. For example, within seven months of the launch of Joslyn’s new site, organic traffic increased by 237%. Further, there was a 900% jump in website leads and a 5,600% spike in social media traffic.


The positive results seen by the company were certainly eye-opening, Bret Joslyn says.


“All of these things being new to me, it was nice to have the information that SyncShow can provide to come back and say, ‘This is what we’re seeing and this is what you should be focused on and here’s how we’re going to get there.’”


Hear more from Bret Joslyn on how the company was able to turn around its marketing strategy by watching the video below.


Do you need to professionalize your company’s marketing efforts? Learn how SyncShow and its SaleSync and WebSync approaches to digital marketing can help your company begin generating—and closing—more qualified leads.