Apr 5

The Governor signed House Bill 62 – the state transportation budget – into law last week. This came after a long debate on increasing the state gas tax and funding for public transit. Ultimately, the legislature agreed to increasing the gas tax to 10.5 cents per gallon and diesel to 19 cents per gallon, without indexing it to inflation. The final bill also provided more money to local governments for infrastructure projects by shifting the state and local share for gas tax funding to 55/45 compared to the 60/40 split it is today. Notably, the final bill funds public transit at $70 million per year in state general revenue funding (GRF). This is up from the current $6.5 million per year that has been allocated for transit funding in state GRF. However, the transportation budget shifted away from the use of federal “flex” funding (currently at $33 million per year) to support public transit needs.

“GCP applauds the efforts of the Governor and the legislature to pass this important legislation to support Ohio’s public transportation and infrastructure network.” says Joe Roman, GCP’s President & CEO.

GCP will continue to work closely with the legislature and the Administration to ensure the long-term needs for public transit, particularly in major cities like Cleveland, are addressed during the state operating budget.

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