Apr 20

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) continues to monitor, focus and work on value-added programs to stimulate activity for our members and businesses in Northeast Ohio. A variety of resources related to the current COVID-19 crisis are available on our INGEAR website.

In conjunction with these resources, we have launched a B2B section on the site that will serve as a platform to:

  • Create an environment to make connections between buyers and suppliers of critical supplies.

  • Showcase resources for manufacturers looking to switch gears to produce critical supplies and meet the increased demand we are experiencing now, and the demand forecasted for the coming weeks and months.

  • Connect companies that are able to supply products and services to the identified “essential” businesses that are still operating and the companies that are able to operate remotely (i.e. information technology, logistics and distribution, office supplies, legal services, wholesalers of disinfectant products and PPE, janitorial services, HVAC, etc.).

"We want to do everything in our power to connect providers of essential supplies with buyers that continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Joe Roman, President and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. “Additionally, we want to assist those companies in our Northeast Ohio manufacturing base that are interested in shifting gears to help meet the increased demand for these Essential Supplies.”

You can find more information, including an essential business directory and a list of critical supplies that are in demand here.

“We also don’t want to lose sight of the fact that many companies outside of the health care sector are still in operation and need to maintain their supply chains,” said Roman. “So, we are also pulling together a list of companies that are still up and running and ready to provide product, material and support. This will also be critical as we work together to restart our economy in the ‘new normal’”.


Companies that wish to be listed on the directory can provide their information on our INGEAR site. If you have additional questions while on the website, you can immediately engage in an online chat with a member of our Business Growth and Development team.