Aug 10

As the population in downtown Cleveland grows, Spry is meeting the needs of busy professionals with personalized, direct primary care. Whether you live or work downtown, Spry offers the value and convenience required to address your health care and wellness without disrupting your schedule —and is the only facility of its type in the downtown area. “We understand what is important to the busy professional,” says Dr. Lauren O’Byrne. “The way we schedule our visits allows you to build a realistic timeframe in your day.” 

With very few private practitioners left in Cleveland, Spry identified the need to recreate that intimate environment in a way that is especially appealing to today’s working generations. Take advantage of the following benefits that Spry offers:

Hassle-free, flexible scheduling. You are too busy to deal with the run-around that can occur with traditional health care facilities. At Spry, patients can schedule appointments within 24 hours and there is always a live person on the other end of the line when you call. The doctors at Spry maintain flexible schedules. They are available when their patients are, even if that means at 7 a.m. or 6 p.m.

Communication at your fingertips. There’s an app for that! Download the Spry app to easily reserve an appointment time and manage your health information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, Spry doctors are available by phone or text to answer questions or concerns.

Ease of Membership. Spry offers different membership options to fit your lifestyle, preferences and medical needs. The Complete membership is an all-inclusive option with no additional out-of-pocket expenses for health care services provided at Spry, and the Choice membership offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go for each visit and service. Regardless of which membership you choose, 24/7 access to your physician via phone, email or text, same-day appointments and no wait-time are all part of the Spry experience.

Care Coordination. Whether you already have a specialist, or need specialty care, Spry can help coordinate those appointments. Staff at Spry will call and schedule appointments with any provider, no matter where they practice, helping remove the headache and hassle of navigating other scheduling systems.

And more! Besides its central location, there are several other things that make Spry a convenient option for your health care needs. At Spry, members enjoy free parking next to Spry’s offices and also have access to private use of the facility’s onsite meeting room.

“If you do join, you will be extremely happy,” Dr. Raisa Lerner says. “You will be satisfied on so many levels: service, quality of care, ease of scheduling, the amount of time you can spend with your physician, the ease of asking follow-up questions, 24/7 unrestricted access and personal relationship with your physician and more.”

In addition to the typical health care offerings you expect to find in a traditional doctor’s office, Spry goes above and beyond with its wellness options. Other offerings include:
Nutrition and weight management consultation 
Health coaching 
Stress management 
Counseling for personal challenges 
Aesthetic & spa services

Additionally, Spry is appealing for employers to offer with healthcare packages—including for leadership recruitment—as it helps to reinforce the importance of health and well-being. Spry will help give your leadership team more time back on their calendars. 

How to Get Started with Spry
Learn more about the difference Spry can make in managing your own personal healthcare by visiting the Spry website today. Or, call 216-957-7779 to schedule a tour of Spry, or a time to talk with one of the physicians to answer your questions.