Dec 17

A Cleveland-area company had a problem. A maker of fine woodwork cabinetry, the organization had a lot of workers out in the field installing cabinets. But capturing that labor was difficult, as the company was utilizing a paper-based system that took a long time to process and could have issues with accuracy.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution could help solve these issues; however, such a solution can run into the six figures. Enter Bezlio, An Akron-based provider of a mobile app platform that gives offsite workers access to an ERP solution at a fraction of the cost of other companies.

Bezlio is a low code app platform that unites multiple data streams into custom screens and dashboards updated in real time so that workers out in the field can quickly, securely and easily access job information, customer records, jot down notes about the work they’re doing onsite, and other difficult problems that mobile workers commonly face. Bezlio CEO Adam Ellis says it’s especially important for non-desk staff to have access to such information.

“When you’re offsite,” he says, “the pain points of not being able to have this information at your fingertips is much more intense. These folks have a big need for it.”

Real World Use

The manufacturing company referenced above has found great success using Bezlio to ease its own offsite pain points. And because the company has set up the app to focus only on the most critical elements their offsite workers need, the solution has proven to be extremely cost-effective.

For example, its mobile workers can easily clock in their time, find the job they’re working on and drill down into any pertinent information they need about the job and also find live information on the app that can help the worker be more efficient with his or her time. And if the worker happens to be out of cell range, the information they log in will be updated once they’re back on the network.

“Bezlio was the perfect solution for them,” Ellis says.

Workers also have the option to pull up a bar code scanner, geolocation services (which reveals customers that are near the workers’ current location), as well as push notifications. The app can also integrate easily into a wide range of platforms.

“You don’t need to spend a ton to have mobile access to your data,” Ellis says. “The ability to have all of the critical business intelligence you need and be able to transact on that data is very valuable.”

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