Dec 17

Last Friday, GCP president and CEO Joe Roman made one of his regular appearances on WTAM to talk with host Bill Wills about some of the hot projects going on around Northeast Ohio.

Following the Blockland Conference held in Cleveland the first week in December, it’s apparent that, while some other cities are just starting to scratch the surface of this new concept, Cleveland has jumped right in. Not only did attendees leave with a good impression of the city, but also with the realization that there is a lot of capacity here to become a leader in blockchain.

Joe also explained how the Cleveland Chapter of Say Yes to Education is getting closer to finalization. While he said nobody believes it will be a silver bullet—it must accompany other significant changes—it is a great asset to have on top of a school system like Cleveland that is already starting to improve.

Several recent projects have been approved in Cuyahoga County by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. As Joe explained, it’s important to keep tax credits on the books. Cleveland has a lot of great, old buildings to repurpose and many creative developers at the ready. But the extra cash as a result of the tax credit will be crucial, and GCP has worked closely with the groups involved to make these projects happen.

Finally, they discussed how Opportunity Zones, a community development program established to encourage long-term investments in low-income urban and rural communities, is a tremendous opportunity for investors. Joe explained how GCP is working to have a voice in steering investments to neighborhoods that need just a bit more help in order to turn the corner. These projects are not necessarily going to capture a lot of media attention, but they are doing great things for the city.