Dec 3

As 2018 ends, it’s natural to think ahead about ways to continue to put your business in the best position to be successful. One easy way of accomplishing that goal is to have the time to focus on the nuts and bolts of your operation.

Your telecommunications network is one area of your business that can easily be taken off your (and your employees’) daily to-do lists by working with a trusted telecom partner, such as connecTel.

But don’t take our word for it! Read below for eight testimonials from connecTel’s partners that highlight the value that comes from becoming more efficient in how you handle your telecommunications.

1. Quick response

Thank you for your help and persistence with our latest service issue. I think we would still be having issues without having you on our side! Your quick responsiveness to all of my phone calls is very much appreciated.
Cindy Eichmuller, Firm Administrator
Robb Leonard Mulvihill LLP

2. Fast troubleshooting
Thanks for the quick response and great service. I am impressed that the problem was identified, and you were able to get it resolved in less than half an hour. That is the level of service I remember from prior dealings with your company, and the main reason I went to you with this change.
Chuck Brunot, Controller
RE2, Inc.

3. Mobile support staff excellence
Kudos to your mobile support staff for their outstanding support today! More specifically, to Patrick for going out of his way to get a replacement MiFi out to West Penn Hospital this afternoon. Makes me proud and honored to have chosen connecTel as one of the key support vendors for The Webb Law Firm, and why I recommend connecTel anytime anyone asks.
Ronald Schmitt, IT Manager
The Webb Law Firm

4. Hard working team
Thank you all very much for your hard work, time and concern. Eileen was a joy to work with earlier today—so helpful.
Jordan Farmer
East Coast Risk Management

5. Personable, kind, organized, knowledgeable staff
I just wanted to let you know that I can’t rave enough about April Crider. We’ve worked with her in the past and it was a great experience from what I remember, but once again she knocked this whole transition with us out of the park. When we needed answers or requested a meeting with her to run through instructions, she was always there for us, very personable, very kind, very organized, and on top of “knowing her stuff.” Between April and yourself (Gerald Bush), Dennis and I felt very secure going through this transition and it was a success.
Kristy Connors
National Council for Juvenile & Family Court Judges

6. PBX upgrade success
As you are undoubtedly and painfully aware, we were doing a PBX upgrade simultaneously with the port from Line systems. At the end of the day, it was by far the most aggravating telecom experience I have encountered…. Without April's knowledge, experience and tenacity, I am confident that we would still have yet crossed the finish line. I appreciate both of you as partners throughout the process, especially into the late evenings as we did several times to keep the project on schedule…. I plan on reaching out to her directly, but I wanted to convey to you first how much I respected and appreciated her assistance and expertise. Her professionalism is unrivaled. Thank you both for everything you did and continue to do to support Danzer.
Bill Oyler
Danzer Services

7. A powerful partnership
I have nothing but praise and advantages to bestow on Tudi’s relationship with connecTel (Wireless) over the past 2 years. I don’t offer myself as a client reference for many business partners unless I’m 110% invested in the relationship. In this case, it’s over 200%. I’ve referred many prospective customers their way purely as a result of my overwhelmingly positive experience. In my honest opinion, this should be a no-brainer for most organizations. We’re paying approximately 45% of what we used to pay for mobile services with fewer lines in 2014. That’s after netting out the cost for the MDM platform and connecTel’s nominal monthly fee to support and monitor our accounts.
Kevin Bright
Chief Technology Officer
Tudi Mechanical Systems, Inc.

8. Cost savings, support, service agreement negotiation and more
The support staff at connecTel helps handle a variety of calls for us, from new equipment purchases, replacement/upgrade equipment, to service support. Everyone on the staff is not only very familiar with Verizon Wireless services, but our firm’s needs with regards to services as well…. We [also] use connecTel to help negotiate new service agreements with voice and data carriers. Besides cost savings, they also provide us with support in the event there’s ever an interruption of service with any of our carriers. Support, like on the mobile side, has always been outstanding.
Ronald B. Schmitt
Information Technology Manager
The Webb Law Firm

Learn more about how connecTel’s telecom solutions can free your team up to focus on what matters most: your business. Visit connecTel’s site by clicking here.