Dec 12

Joe Roman, GCP President and CEO, made his regular appearance on WTAM with host Bill Wills to talk about projects going on around the city and GCP’s involvement to make them happen.

GCP has been involved with the Opportunity Corridor since the beginning—and Joe explained that this is a key project for the city. They have the chance to help design 300 to 400 acres, and are working toward the idea of putting a police headquarters on the premises to help keep the area safe.

Next Joe turned to the need for the counties along the lakeshore to coordinate and find ways to work together to protect the lake, which is our region’s greatest asset. Joe explained that with the lake being our biggest distinguisher, all counties that touch the lake should come together to discuss how to best utilize it for economic prosperity.

Another great asset for our region is NASA, which has just received a $34 million investment for a new communications facility. Joe recognized the delegation in Ohio for coming together to ensure that investment was successful.

Joe also expressed a need for the city to take a look at the West Side Market, and how a new business model might help it to thrive better. It’s not the same as it was 10-20 years ago but it still has interest and demand, according to Joe. The city must find a way to make sure it’s not only a tourist attraction, but something of true value for our area and the people who live here.

On the topic of the plastic bag ban, Joe explained that this was a rushed piece of legislation to make a point. Simply banning bags without a more comprehensive approach doesn’t work, according to Joe—we need to go back and do it right.

Listen to more details discussed on these and other topics in the full interview.