Dec 9

The 2019 Middle Market Forum series wrapped on December 6 with a program focused on how businesses can achieve success through the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). The panel-style discussion was led by EOS guru and founder of Impact Architects, Kris Snyder, and featured Aaron Grossman, CEO of Alliance Staffing, Megan Mayhugh, Chief of Staff of Insight2Profit, and Brandon Guzman, President of MFS Supply.

Among myriad takeaways that came out of the open and engaging discussion was the idea that, most of the time, businesses have “too much vision and not enough execution.”

“The EOS system,” Snyder explained, “is really about streamlining and simplifying.”

Implementing EOS can have a profound effect on the way a business runs, including:

  • Fewer and more productive meetings
  • Finding just the right amount of process
  • Developing accountability charts vs. org charts
  • Identifying core values
  • Opening lines of communication
  • Determining leading indicators to measure success
  • Creating a cohesive leadership team

In addition, EOS is designed to free the visionaries of a company from the minutiae of the business. For example, the visionary shouldn’t be focusing on email content or content management issues—someone else with those skills should be accountable.

To make EOS really work, Snyder said, “leadership needs to adopt, share and follow—but that also has to be the mantra for the whole company. Shared by all, followed by all.”

Of course, it also takes time to implement new programs like EOS. Typically, companies will take two years to implement and be fully up and running with the system.

“But,” Snyder warns,” the system won’t fix issues if the company isn’t willing to change.”

For those who are ready, EOS can deliver big results. Megan Mayhugh, who runs Insight2Profit, used EOS to pare her team’s once daily check-ins down to a mandatory 90-minute meeting each week with a set agenda where each employee has accountability for their piece. The result is a more valuable meeting and a more productive team.

The final takeaway from the panelists? “Get started!”

The Middle Market Forum series is generously sponsored by Bank of America, Cleveland Magazine, Corporate College, Minute Men HR, RSM and Taft. Thank you for making these conversations possible!