Feb 14

GCP President and CEO Joe Roman joined WTAM host Bill Wills for his monthly on-air sit-down to discuss all that is happening around Cleveland.

The discussion started off with the February 28 First Quarter Middle Market Forum: The Business of Sports, which will feature several top representatives from local sports teams. Joe explained how GCP’s Middle Market Forum was created to give those companies, which are some of the fastest-growing in our region, access to talk to people they might not get a chance to connect with otherwise.

GCP’s technology resource, OHTec, is launching a forum for Chief Information Officers throughout the region to meet regularly and express needs, concerns and opportunities. Joe explained that the need for this type of forum grew from the fact that all businesses—not just those focused on technology—are all dependent on technology workers. There is a growing effort to produce more tech workers and to encourage more young people to develop an interest in STEM skills.

Joe recently moderated a panel discussion featuring the head of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon. The discussion focused on the recent State of the Union Address and the impact entrepreneurs have on the thriving economy.

In transportation news, the city heard the concerns of those people impacted by the recent changes to the airport drop-off policy and, within 30 days, reversed the drop-off policy so that it now makes more sense for the business traveler and other people who travel with regularity. Because air service is critical to an economy, Joe said, this policy change sends an important signal to the business community—not just in Cleveland, but people around the country looking at Cleveland as a place to do business.

Additionally, GCP is working closely with RTA on an improvement taskforce, comprised of nearly 20 GCP member companies, to analyze whether or not additional finances are necessary to best serve the public transportation needs of our community.

Looking forward to the city’s opportunity to host the All-Star Game this summer, Joe said that MLB is excited to use the convention center and other areas around our city for their activities leading up to the game. “We have a very compact downtown, which serves these big events extremely well,” he said.

Listen to the full interview.