Feb 23

To start off their regular discussion, GCP President and CEO Joe Roman and WTAM host Bill Wills remembered Henry Meyer—a longtime head of KeyBank and a former chair of GCP. Roman described Meyer as a mover and shaker in the city, who had the unique ability to contribute all of his time to making KeyCorp a wonderful asset to this town. “He didn’t go home at night,” Roman said. “He spent his free time giving back through organizations such as GCP.”

They went on to talk about the unique tax property owners in Ohio City have agreed on, which is good for businesses and everyone who visits the area. They also discussed Sherwin-Williams’ decision to stay in town—one that fills an incredible void downtown that’s been exposed for 20 years.

In other positive news, things continue to look up for the airport. American Airlines is adding services, customer satisfaction scores are high, passenger numbers are up and they are looking at expanding.

In GCP news, the organization has launched INGEAR—an online portal that was created to help businesses easily access the resources that Greater Cleveland has with the goal to help industry growth, expansion, attraction, and retention efforts in the region.

The Cleveland Internship Summit is being held Thursday, February 27. Local companies are encouraged to register—internships are not only the way to find exceptional talent, but to keep it.

For their final topic this month, Roman and Wills discussed the health and human services levy on the ballot. Roman said that while it provides a lot of needed service, there is concern about the tax growth in our region. We need to make sure that, when it comes up for another vote four years from now, enough has been accomplished so that taxes don’t need to be raised again.

Listen to the interview.