Jul 4

You have a full slate of meetings at work and it would’ve been much more convenient to see your primary care physician when you get off at 6 p.m., but your doctor doesn’t see patients after 4 p.m. So, you must cancel a couple of meetings because you need to leave work at 2:30 in order to make a 3 p.m. appointment. But even though your appointment is at 3, you don’t actually see the doctor until 3:45. And then when you do see your physician, it’s only for 10 minutes and half of that time is spent catching your doctor up on the other specialists you’re seeing.

Bottom line: You wasted most of an afternoon—and had to miss two important work meetings—just so you could spend a handful of minutes with your primary care doctor. Does this sound familiar? It should because it describes the primary care experience of most people across Northeast Ohio.

To erase the frustration described above, Spry is providing personal primary care to the Northeast Ohio community. This downtown practice offers a more convenient, accessible and personal experience with a primary care physician.


What Is Personal Primary Care?

Personal primary care is the idea that patients deserve care that is tailored specifically to their own unique medical history. This means experienced primary care physicians Dr. Raisa Lerner and Dr. Lauren O’Byrne Gopal, who staff the Spry office, take the time to personally coordinate their patients’ individual care needs. Because patient loads are intentionally kept low at Spry, it’s not uncommon for Initial appointments to last up to 90 minutes to ensure each patient gets the appropriate amount of time with their doctor that they deserve. In fact, Dr. Lerner said during a recent interview at Spry’s offices at 811 Prospect Ave. E. that she likes to take at least a half hour with each patient during their initial visit  to go over what’s important to the patient and begin devising a care strategy from there,

“It comes down to having a personal relationship and partnership with someone you trust who will guide you through your healthcare choices,” Dr. O’Byrne Gopal explained during the interview. “We can explain how all of the different information we go over is relevant to you.”


Personal Primary Care in Action

In addition to such work as blood draws (with most test results being available on the same day), joint injections, electrocardiograms, strep tests, glucose testing, urinalysis and more, the 2,500-square-foot Spry office offers a wide array of additional services to its patient members that are not typically available in a primary care environment, including:

  • No-hassle scheduling. Patients can easily schedule an appointment with their doctor by phone or they can simply use the Spry app to reserve their time. In addition, the doctors are available anytime by phone or text to answer any questions or concerns. Patients can be seen by their physician within 24 hours of an appointment request.


  • On-time appointments and flexible scheduling. Speaking of scheduling, if you have a 9 a.m. appointment at Spry, that means you see the doctor at 9 a.m., not nearly an hour later. Dr. Lerner and Dr. O’Byrne Gopal also maintain flexible schedules, meaning they can be available when their patients are, even if that time happens to be 7 o’clock in the morning or 6 o’clock at night.


  • Coordination of care. Dr. Lerner and Dr. O’Byrne Gopal understand that schedules today can be hectic and it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. With that in mind, the doctors take the lead on reminding patients of important upcoming appointments such as colonoscopies or mammograms; can set up appointments with such specialists; and provide personalized referrals. “This is meant to fit into your life,” said Dr. O’Byrne Gopal.


  • A relaxing environment. From the moment they enter the office, patients are treated to a comfortable and inviting experience. Upon arrival, you won’t be sitting in the waiting room, you’ll be taken directly to one of their modern and relaxing exam rooms. The exam rooms do not feature hard exam tables; rather, wide, soft and comfortable exam recliners that lay down into a bed. Lastly, Dr. Gopal noted that patient privacy is highly valued at Spry, so patients have access to a designated changing room and needn’t worry about office staff constantly going in and out of the treatment room during the appointment, such as can be the case at other primary care offices.


  • Membership. Spry offers different membership options to fit your lifestyle, preferences and medical needs. The Complete membership is an all-inclusive option with no additional out of pocket expenses for health care services provided at Spry, and the Choice membership offers the flexibility of pay as you go for each visit and service. Regardless of which membership you choose, 24/7 access to your physician via phone, email or text, same day appointments and no wait time are part of the Spry experience.


  • Free parking. This relaxing environment extends also to getting to its actual location. Even though it’s located in downtown, parking at Spry’s office is complimentary for members.

  • Meeting space. Spry’s offices offer more than just health and wellness to its members. Member patients also have access to private use of the facility’s onsite meeting room.

Focus on Overall Wellness

Services at Spry, extend beyond the standard healthcare offerings you expect to find in a doctor’s office. In addition, the medical office has an onsite spa and robust esthetic and massage services menu featuring services such as facials, hair removal waxing, dermaplaning, microblading, revitalizing glycolic peel and salicylic acid peel, and more. The spa also features exclusive ZO Obagi line of products available only in the office.

Other wellness offerings include:

  • Nutrition and weight management consultation


  • Health coaching


  • Stress management


  • Counseling for personal challenges


  • And more


How to Get Started with Spry

Learn more about the difference Spry can make in managing your own personal healthcare by visiting the Spry website today. Or, call 216-957-7779 to schedule a tour of Spry, or a time to talk with one of the physicians to answer your questions.