Jun 16

GCP Members and Annual Meeting Guests:

Thanks to all of you for attending our Greater Cleveland Partnership Annual Meeting and great party last night! Unfortunately, the ill-timed power outage at the Cleveland Museum of Art kept us from providing some important information, reviewing great progress and making a few announcements about new and future activities.   

Some of those new ForwardCLE related announcements about our innovation work, worker mobility pilots and neighborhood investments were timed to occur in the media yesterday and are included below. We’ve also included a short overview of GCP and you will receive a link to our 2018 Annual report in the GCP Every Monday Newsletter next week.  Both of these pieces were intended to be passed out at the meeting. 

Greater Cleveland Partnership sets plan for new socially focused loan fund
Greater Cleveland Partnership announces plan to find Northeast Ohio’s next ‘big bet’ on innovation  
Economic development nonprofit offering prizes for transportation solutions

At this point, we are gauging the feasibility of and interest in rescheduling, and we will reach out to you soon with further details. We are also working now to identify the best ways to create a shareable package of the videos and other content for you and the rest of the business community.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a few specific Annual Meeting items as they are timely and important.

Greater Cleveland Partnership Board of Directors

The GCP Nominating Committee and Board made recommendations for new directors to serve on our Board. Our members, including many of you, voted on our Board slate by mail. Since we received more than the required number of proxies, we have officially elected our new Board members and reelected current members to new terms. 

We are pleased to welcome the new Directors and we are grateful to welcome back those Directors who have been reelected to serve additional terms. As you may have noticed, to serve on GCP’s Board you have to be the top executive of your organization or the local equivalent. It is a testament to the business community that these leaders are not only willing to get personally involved, but that they stay on for multiple terms. The new and elected Directors are noted in the attached.

We also want to recognize the outgoing Board Members who have dedicated years and years to the cause of making GCP and our community stronger. Those business leaders are also noted in the attachment. If it wasn’t for these individuals’ unselfish contributions of time, talent and resources, we may never have achieved the impact we’ve had.  So, if you see them, please say thanks.

Financial Health

On behalf of our Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, Joe DiRocco, we are pleased to share that we ended last year well-ahead of our plan and our financial health remains strong. That’s due, in large measure, to your continued membership support. GCP is a vehicle for the business community to improve our region, and your financial and personal involvement are critical to the success of our joint efforts. Highlights include:

-We have net assets of $45 million which is three times our annual budget.
-Our real estate arm Cleveland Development Advisors has $35M in available capital for catalytic investments.
-Our small business health care product, the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement, is the largest in the state of Ohio
-Our ForwardCLE strategic plan capital campaign has helped us to gain additional capital in support of our strategic initiatives.
-We have been operating better than budget over the last two years with our 2018 surplus being applied also to ForwardCLE. 

The GCP presented the Best in Class Awards to this year's winners. The award reflects the business' commitment to making inclusion a priority in all aspects of business. Learn more about the awards and view the list of winners here.

We also want to thank and acknowledge all those who sponsored last night’s event:

Presenting Sponsor: AT&T
Keynote Sponsor: Covia
Reception Sponsor: Ashland University - MBA Programs
Supporting Sponsors: Accenture, Cleveland Magazine, Cuyahoga Community College, Dealer Tire, Kinect Energy, McKinsey & Company, Medical Mutual, Minute Men HR, Westfield
And thank you to our table sponsors too.

Thank you to all of our Board Members, guests and staff for assembling and preparing for a great event. Our track record shows us one clear lesson: we do best when talented, capable people and organizations work together. There is always more work to be done and therefore more leaders needed to pave the way. We look forward to continuing to engage all of you in our work.