Jun 10

Last week, the GCP Advocacy team submitted written testimony support Ohio House Bill 242 (HB 242), which prohibits the imposition of a tax or fee on auxiliary containers like plastic grocery bags. In its testimony, the GCP urged lawmakers to further study how to reduce the use of non-reusable auxiliary containers while preserving the economic vitality of Ohio’s small business and retailer communities. HB 242 was introduced in May and has been heard twice in the House State and Local Government Committee.


When Cuyahoga County introduced and later passed an ordinance that would ban single-us plastic bags countywide, the GCP supported an amendment to delay the implementation of the ban pending further examination. In the case of this ban, the GCP was concerned about the potential impact on retailers that make up membership. For example, Heinen’s, a Cleveland-based, family-owned grocery store, could see costs for bags increase by $2 million per year because of the switch to paper bags. Lawmakers owe a commitment to Ohio’s small businesses and retailers—as well as to everyday consumers and families—to further study the potential environmental and economic impacts of local bag bans, fees, or taxes.


The GCP Advocacy team will continue to follow HB 242 as it moves through the Ohio Legislature. To read the GCP’s testimony on HB 242, click here.