Jun 10


The Ohio House recently passed substitute House Bill (HB 6) which in part would eliminate the state’s energy efficiency standards. 

The introduction of HB 6 has resulted in considerable speculation, from interested parties across the spectrum, on how its provisions could affect Ohioans.  The impacts of changes to the energy efficiency benchmarks include costs to rate payers, Ohio’s ability to attract and retain businesses, the opportunity for the business community to act and realize efficiency gains, and the impact to jobs in many critical sectors.

By way of background, the GCP/COSE energy team provides a consultative review of energy costs and strategies to ensure businesses are effectively managing their energy needs.  Predictable energy costs and access to energy efficiency resources have enabled Ohio businesses to take control of their energy consumption and be more competitive.  Through the existing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in the state, there are numerous success stories of companies and regional organizations who have reduced their energy consumption and cut costs.

GCP has long-supported energy efficiency as an important way for regional organizations, especially smaller and mid-sized business owners, to reinvest back into their companies.  In addition to the day-to-day advocacy work GCP staff has been conducting, on your behalf, to support the preservation of energy efficiency resources, GCP plans to submit a letter to the Ohio General Assembly that specifically calls for the following:

1.  Support energy infrastructure investments that increase accessibility, safety, environmental health and allow for economic development, leading to diverse sources and affordable energy and rate setting.  
2.  Implement policies that provide incentives for utilities to offer businesses opportunities that leverage energy efficiency programming and foster success and competitiveness. 

Your voice matters in the fight to preserve energy efficiency resources and a predictable energy environment.  We are calling on our members to sign a letter in partnership with GCP to show your concern.  To show your support of the preservation of energy efficiency resources, opt-in to sign GCP’s letter here.