Jun 8

This week GCP highlighted its support of Ohio House Bill 13 (HB 13)—which would allow broadband providers to apply for state grants for service provided to unserved and distressed areas. The bill would allocate $20 million to establish a Residential Broadband Expansion Program to target last-mile connectivity projects in communities.

In written testimony about the bill, Marty McGann, Executive Vice President of Advocacy and Strategy, reiterated GCP’s commitment to grow and retain a 21st century workforce and engage the region’s stakeholders to address systemic inequalities that hinder economic growth. “Reliable, affordable access to broadband internet is a part of this important work and swift passage of HB 13 offers a step in the right direction,” McGann testified.

Beyond support for this legislation, GCP understands that more must be done in the effort to advance digital inclusion. GCP stands ready to work with countless partners in the region and across the state, including JobsOhio, to help solve the state’s digital challenges and prepare Ohioans for the future of work.

HB 13 had its sixth hearing in the House Finance Committee on Tuesday and GCP remains engaged as it moves through the legislative process.

To read GCP’s full testimony, click here.