Jun 3

Last week, GCP and its partners through the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition advocated for infrastructure— and specifically public transit—investments in a letter to Congressional leadership. Beyond the benefits to the region’s roads, bridges, shorelines and transit systems, the coalition pressed for infrastructure investments that create jobs, stimulate the innovation economy, and double as a tool for economic recovery.

“The Great Lakes needs federal partners to advance a strategic infrastructure plan that couples critical, smart and innovative investments with job creation outcomes. We consider our region’s public transit and transportation infrastructure, including rail and bus rapid transit, as a unique opportunity to improve connections between people and jobs across our region,” the letter states. GCP specifically highlighted the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s Rail Car Replacement project, which includes the replacement of over 70 rail cars and the equipment and stations to accommodate new rail vehicles.

GCP also recently sent a letter to the Transportation Review Advisory Council within the Ohio Department of Transportation, an entity tasked with approving funding for the development and construction of major new projects across the state. The letter emphasized GCP’s support for for the rail track reconstruction project, which is seeking $47 million for the program.

Many metropolitan areas across the country are currently investing billions of dollars to develop rail transit systems like the network that already exists in greater Cleveland. For significantly less investment, rail car replacement and track reconstruction will bring the transit authority's rail infrastructure to a high performing standard, allowing for strategic economic development along rail corridors and ultimately ensuring business growth as more individuals are able to participate in the regional economy.

To read the full letter sent to Congressional leaders, click here.