Mar 23

Governor DeWine released his blue print for the state operating budget on March 15th, detailing Administration priorities that the Governor highlighted over the course of his campaign.  It proposes total spending of $74.3 billion and $76.1 billion for fiscal years 2020 and 2021, which is a 7% increase from the current budget.

The executive budget also contains a number of key provisions that are priorities for GCP as highlighted in the chamber’s latest public policy agenda. These include:

  • Ongoing support for CyberOhio and the Ohio Common Sense Initiative;
  • Guarding and building on Ohio’s workers’ compensation safety programming;
  • The creation of a state incentive for Opportunity Zones; and
  • Funding for regional job training partnerships across the state.

The General Assembly has begun its work on the Governor’s proposal, starting with House committee hearings with state agencies on their budget proposals. Legislative text and a bill number is expected soon from the Ohio House. By law, the budget has to be signed into law by June 30th. GCP will be closely working with the General Assembly and the Administration on key budget priorities throughout this process.