Mar 24

Work continues on the state’s transportation budget – House Bill 62 – with the Ohio Senate’s recent passage of the legislation. In its version, the Senate reduced the gas tax proposal to 6 cents per gallon from the 10.7 cents proposed by the House and the 18 cents originally recommended by the Governor. The Senate also – through the leadership of Senator Matt Dolan – drafted a new proposal for increased public transit support. Instead of shifting $100 million per year in federal “flex” funding, the Senate calls for increasing state general revenue funding from $6.5 million to $55 million per year. This would allow a higher amount of federal “flex” funding to be used for roads and bridges projects. It would also increase the state match transit authorities could leverage for competitive federal grants.

House Bill 62 is now headed to a conference committee where the House and Senate leadership along with the Administration will work towards a final bill. GCP’s advocacy team, through efforts with the Fix Our Roads Coalition and the Ohio Metro Chambers Coalition, continues to advocate for strong investments in the state’s public transportation and infrastructure system. GCP will be closely monitoring activity on the transportation budget over the next week and keep members informed.