Mar 23

Joe Roman talked with Bill Wills today on WTAM about COVID-19, how the virus is impacting businesses in Greater Cleveland, and steps the government is taking to help improve conditions.

GCP’s goal is to help all of its members, all Cleveland businesses, to adjust the best they can and to have a clear understanding of the resources out there to help them despite the limitations currently in place. Joe explained that a lot is happening at the government level to keep businesses open, maintain cash flow, and help employees.

Bill and Joe also walked thru yesterday’s stay-at-home orders from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Previously, the governor had asked residents to participate in social isolation—closing schools, recreation centers and other gathering places, as well as limiting restaurants to take-out and delivery. Now, in a further step of what Joe referred to as a “strategic process,” DeWine is asking people to completely stay home except for necessities such as medicine, groceries, gas, banking and seeking medical assistance. 

“It had to be a progression to get to this point, or else people would have just ignored it,” Joe said. “It’s become more understood by our residents and our businesses by escalating this process.”

A lot of employees are fortunate enough to be able to transition to a work-from-home situation. However, many people are dealing with layoffs or a temporary pause in available work. Joe encourages people looking for work, and human resource departments in companies that have had to make cuts, to check out GCP’s INGEAR website. As of today, the site already has 13 companies—such as Amazon, Giant Eagle and Walmart—that are all open for business and in need of additional workers. 

Joe also talked about how big companies are ramping up production of specific products in high need right now, and that other companies are making business adjustments—such as JoAnn Fabrics, which is now beginning to use its supplies and classrooms to make face masks for hospitals.

“Everybody is trying to do what they can,” he said. “The more we follow the governor’s instructions, the better.”

Listen to the full interview.

And for more COVID-19 information and up-to-date resources for the business community, GCP has created a dedicated news page. Check back for daily updates to help you stay informed and give you access to relevant resources as this situation continues to unfold.