May 11

The Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and Ohio Excelsare partnering with the Ohio Department of Education to convene employers and hiring managers to review and approve industry-recognized credentials for the 2019-2020 school year. The Ohio Department of Education conducts this review process annually, and the results are important for several reasons:

Affects high school graduation: Students can qualify for high school graduation by earning recognized credentials to satisfy part of their high school graduation requirements. Responds to critical workforce needs: Industry-recognized credentials can help employers validate the knowledge and skills of potential workers and move quickly to fill in-demand jobs. Increases work-based learning for students—Students who earn industry-recognized credentials in high school benefit from engaging work-based learning experiences.


For these reasons, Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted have prioritized the expansion of industry-recognized credentials for high school students. This expansion is dependent upon a relevant and updated list of approved industry-recognized credentials.


THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP. The process to approve industry-recognized credentials requires a small group (ideally 10 reviewers in most groups, although that can vary) of business and industry representatives who 1) possess knowledge of the career field and 2) have some understanding of human resource and hiring needs. Reviewers are not required to have prior knowledge of the review process or experience with the list of industry recognized credentials.


THE FOLLOWING DATES AND TIMES HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED. Below please find times we are holding for specific career field reviews:


Healthcare (critical need)—May 24, 2019, 9-11 AM. Ideal reviewers will have experience in hospital HR and/or hiring, dental office management, elder care and personal training.


Information Technology (critical need)—May 28, 2019, 12-2 PM. Ideal reviewers will have experience in networking, coding, cybersecurity and software and hardware maintenance.


Business, Finance and MarketingMay 28, 2019, 2:30-4:30 PM. Ideal reviewers will have experience in accounting and office administration.


Hospitality and TourismMay 29, 2019, 2-4 PM. Ideal reviewers will have experience in the culinary industry.


All reviews will occur at the Ohio Department of Education located at 25 S. Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Facilitators will guide the review team through a quick-moving, yet robust discussion that results in the approval or disapproval of an industry-recognized credential. The full process takes approximately two hours.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SERVING IN THIS IMPORTANT ROLE, then please confirm your attendance directly with Graham Wood by email at Graham will confirm your participation and provide you with pre-reading materials, instructions and applications in advance of the review session. In your email, please let Graham know your career field (Healthcare; Information Technology; Business, Finance and Marketing; or Hospitality and Tourism). Graham can also be reached by telephone at 614-728-2164. Please submit your response to Graham by close of business on May 15.


SKYPE SESSION POSSIBILITY. If you are interested in reviewing the Business, Finance and Marketing and/or Hospitality and Tourismcredentials, but you cannot accommodate a trip to Columbus, then let Graham know. A virtual Skype session might be a possibility depending on availability.


Thank you for time and commitment to ensuring that Ohio’s students are challenged, prepared and empowered for success after high school. This is an important review process that benefits both students and employers.