May 11

Last week, GCP—as part of the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition (GLMCC)—sent a letter to Great Lakes congressional delegation and leadership in Congress regarding federal priorities for the region.

As federal leaders contemplate additional legislation aimed at stabilizing the economy, the GLMCC put forward policy tools that will accelerate recovery for Great Lakes communities in the wake of COVID-19. The priorities of the coalition as it relates to coronavirus response include:

  • Expand funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and give small businesses flexibility in how they cover large expenses;
  • Ensure the most vulnerable businesses can access PPP funds;
  • Provide additional resources to communities (state/local governments, hospitals, testing);
  • Ensure legal protections are in place for employers and businesses following safety protocols mandated;
  • And make 501(c)(6) organizations with less than 100 employees eligible for future federal stimulus programs.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are currently formulating their priorities for future coronavirus relief packages, including CARES 2. The GLMCC will continue to engage federal policymakers to ensure policy tools for recovery in Great Lakes states are at the forefront.

The GLMCC is a collective of chambers of commerce across the Great Lakes region that jointly advocate on core policy issues. Since its founding in 2008, the coalition has become a leading and effective voice on federal policy impacting the Great Lakes region. GCP is a leading member of the coalition, along with Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo Niagara Partnership, and Detroit Regional Chamber.