Nov 19

What's New in CLE

GCP president and CEO Joe Roman recently sat down with WTAM host Bill Wills to talk about current and future projects happening around the Greater Cleveland area.
Roman commended Cleveland’s investment in its sports facilities at a competitive level to attract the MLB All-Star Game in 2019 and the NBA All-Star Game in 2022, as well as other major events. They also discussed the deal New York City struck to attract the new Amazon headquarters, and what the city had to give up to get the online retail giant to invest there. 
When discussing midterm election results, Roman recognized that there was a blue wave in the country but that it failed to hit Ohio. “There weren’t a lot of surprises, even though people expected there to be surprises,” Roman said.
They also noted the issue complicating the legalization of marijuana, which is that it is not approved at the federal level (for medicinal or recreational use). That has an impact on who can prescribe it and how it can be paid for, according to Roman. He said GCP’s position is to give employers as much flexibility as possible with how medical marijuana can be used at their workplace. “Don’t assume that all workplaces are the same. Don’t assume that all business owners are the same,” he said.
Icelandair’s acquisition of Wow Air is good for Cleveland, said Roman. Icelandair can now gauge the success of the Cleveland market and there is also now the possibility to have year-round service.
Finally, Wills and Roman discussed some big events to come to the Cleveland area. Blockland Cleveland will be featuring some of the biggest speakers in the industry next month and registration has picked up. And, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers held a successful convention with over 100 major companies looking to hire attendees. “Diversity of our workforce is important,” Roman concluded.

Listen to the full interview.