Nov 3


Last week the U.S. Senate passed an appropriations bill that included over $22 billion in funding for NASA. The provisions of the bill also include $1.4 billion for the NASA Orion project and $784 million for aeronautics research, some of which will be directed to the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

In addition, the legislation funds priorities like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). The GLRI will increase by $9 million, bringing its total funding to $310 million. The package also includes Agriculture, Commerce and Transportation/Housing and Urban Development spending measures.

Senators Brown and Portman were instrumental in securing funding levels for NASA and the GLRI, among various other spending measures. Ohio’s senators worked with Senator Peters of Michigan to successfully advocate for an amendment that would increase the GLRI’s allocation, making it the largest investment in the Great Lakes to date. GCP—a longstanding advocate for the NASA Glenn Research Center and the health of the Great Lakes—is grateful to the Ohio congressional delegation for its support.

The House has already passed its own version of the bills, but the differences between the two bills will need to be reconciled before a final spending bill goes to the President for his signature.