Oct 12

GCP’s tax study released earlier this year illuminated our region’s disproportionate tax burden when compared to similar peer cities.

Now, a newly released “Kiplinger Tax Map” compares state tax rates and rules on things like income, gas, sin products, property and more across the U.S. The guide reports, “While none of the major state and local taxes in the Buckeye State are sky high, they’re all above average.”  For more information you can view Kiplinger’s “State-by-State Guide to Taxes” here.

GCP’s Board of Directors recently endorsed a resolution stating the organization’s intent to oppose future levy millage increases that fail to demonstrate a unique compelling contribution to our economy, a severe and urgent societal need, or a more creative approach to achieving their objectives. GCP will continue working to identify a comprehensive solution to our region’s disproportionate tax burden in partnership with the public, private, philanthropic sectors, and others.